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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Close Call - Wake-up Reminder

I'm in the garden a lot as well as spending a great deal of time in the water during the summer months. I'm very, very careful so was surprised to have any problems. Almost two weeks ago, I had a suspicious mole removed and biopsied. Being terrified of needles this was no easy task! My dermatologist hoped for the results by the Friday as he was away on holidays the following week. No such luck and I knew we were leaving on the weekend for a short holiday. That week was so long! Finally they called on my cell to let me know everything was ok but any future moles like that had to come off as well. I was so relieved that at least this one was ok!

So here is the wake-up reminder. As gardeners we are in the sun a lot so we need to protect ourselves. Here are some of the things I do:
1) use high spf sunblock each and every day; make sure it is not expired
2) reapply as needed after sweating, swimming or 2 hrs outdoors
3) use protective clothing
4) always, always wear a broad rimmed hat to protect your face and neck
5) stay out of the heat of the day sun
6) protect your eyes with UV rated sunglasses
7) keep yourself well hydrated


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