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Friday, November 18, 2011

Ordering Seed Catalogues

It's that time of year!  I have a lot of plans for my new gardens in the spring so I spent a bit of time ordering seed catalogues today.  This was triggered by receiving my shipment of potted herbs from Richters (Goodwood, ON) and the first snow flurry of the season.  I focused on those seed companies located in Ontario, Canada offering seeds and/or plants.  It is very important for me that any edible plants were grown organically, free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides.  We live in beautiful Ontario so when I order from an Ontario based seed company or grower, I am supporting our local economy.  The nice thing is when I order live plants they arrive within a day or two resulting in a lot less stress for them.  Here's a few seed companies and growers I recommend:

  • Ritchters (Goodwood, ON) - superb quality and pesticide free medicinal, culinary and aromatic herbs
  • OSC Seeds (Waterloo, ON) - high quality herb, vegetable, flower and tree seeds
  • Stokes (Thorold, ON) - high quality seed and plants for all gardening needs including heirloom varieties
  • Dominion Seed House (Georgetown, ON) - high quality seeds, plants and bulbs by mail order
  • AgroHaiti (Lynden, ON) - specializing in Oriental vegetable seeds [online catalogue only]
  • Florabunda Seeds (Indian River, ON) - specializing in heirloom varieties for cottage gardens
  • Terra Edibles (Foxboro, ON) - organically grown heirloom seeds

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome