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Happy Gardening!

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Monday, October 16, 2006

First Snow of the Season

Trees and Clouds

We had our first snow flurries on October 12. At times the flurries were thick enough to cause whiteout conditions. In between the flurries, I shot this video clip of one of the trees near the vegetable garden. There were a few snow flakes but I don't think they showed well in the video clip.

Video details: 21 seconds, taken by author October 12, 2006 using Cannon OPowershot A540

Today's sky is a mottled bluish grey with whispy white clouds surrounded with menacing, fast moving darker grey storm clouds. Grey, overcast skies with darker grey clouds will be the norm here from now to the end of November. I hooked up the light in the greenhouse to compensate for this. Occasionally the sun will break through now but only for brief periods of time. The greatest chance of this happening is during Indian Summer. The days are getting gradually shorter and shorter. Snow flurries, chilling winds and fog become more common. The leaves have started turning vibrant shades of reds, yellows and orange providing stiking contrast against the grey. They take on jewelled tones when the sun touches their leaves. Soon it will be time to do the final outside chores and shut down the greenhouse.

Happy Gardening

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