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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wild Turkey Update

The what I thought wild turkey has been hanging out a lot in my garden and two neighbouring yards. But he or she is not a wild turkey. According to my neighbour it is a guinea hen! I had to go online and google that one and sure enough it does look like the picture of a guniea hen. Well it sure looked like a turkey to me. At any rate this beneficial and congenial critter is welcomed in my garden. I do hope it patrols my garden during growing season! It should may for perfect natural insect control.

I'm assuming it is a male because of the brighter colours. The theory proposed by my neighbour is this is an escapee from a farmer over the next concession and somehow this bird makes its way back and forth. For whatever reason this bird just likes hanging out in my garden. So I've been thinking that it might be a bad idea to get a few of the guinea hens myself.

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  1. Ha ha I am with you. I would have assumed this was a turkey too. Never ceases to amaze me the surprises we find in the garden! Pokey


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