Neighbours talking over the garden gate has long been a tradition. They share gardening tips, complain about the weather and pests yet are ever eager to discuss their gardens. That is what I had in mind when creating this blog. So stop by my garden gate to find out the latest happenings in my garden.

Happy Gardening!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Garden Visitor

March 10, 2008

Mr Buggs is a rather persistent visitor to my new gardens and visited often last year. He tucks up under the bushes and the lilac tree to watch what is going on in the house. I can tell he is already smacking his lips in anticipation while watching me pour through the seed catalogues. Last year's visits were not so much of a problem as we moved too late for a vegetable garden. He did a bit of damage in the flower gardens but not too much. Mr Buggs will be a problem for the new vegetable beds so I'm already planning on deterrent measures.

From past experience, rabbits may or may not be deterred by cayenne pepper. Noise makes sometimes work. Motion activated sprayers work if you move them around and they were very effective in our previous gardens. However, here the vegetable and herb gardens are going to be scattered over the property and tucked in where I can fit them so it won't be a "all in one spot" design. The thing I've learned when dealing with pests like rabbits is to use more than one deterrent. Mr Buggs is already trying to figure out what I'm up to. I think I will just keep him waiting.

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome


  1. Ren/lucrezia3110:58 AM

    My sympathies on the bunny. We have those, and then some... had a groundhog last year, but my husband bordered our garden with stone, under which he tucket in chicken wire, so that helped a bit. Deer, on the other hand, are a whole other animal (if you pardon the pun). In our experience, the only thing that seems to work, is marking the territory (my dog has her garden chores too!). That might help for mr. buggs.

  2. How cute - except when they're eating your garden!

    The bunnies in our neighborhood don't seem to care that we have three dogs.

    I've just decided to try to grow lettuce inside since the bunnies ate mine last year.


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