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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Euonymus Bush

(Euonymous fortunei)
July 15, 2008

Euonymous bushes (Euonymous fortunei) are a common feature in many gardens here in Ontario. The two varieties I'm aware of are yellow and white edged both with bright green centres. These really are easy to grow shrubs with few problems. I had a small one at our previous house with the only problem being plagued by aphids but it was planted beside a rose bush so that could have contributed to the aphid problem.

Euonymous are really lovely garden bushes if you keep them trimmed. If you don't trim them they end up being scraggly or if the branches are tied together they tend to be simply over grown. We removed one what looked to be a large shrub about 4 - feet tall. It was overgrown and showed no signs of stopping. What the previous owners had done was tie the branches together to give the appearance of one shrub instead of trimming to maintain the shape. What essentially was left behind was one long rambling branch tied to look like a shrub. We decided to take that bush out but trim up the remaining euonymus as they were smaller and we could trim them with the electric hedge clippers.

Even though aphids were a problem on the euonymus bush at our previous house they do not seem to be a problem here and I have been watching for them. The standard methods of dealing with aphids are spraying with a soap solution and/or releasing lady bugs. Other than that the only real thing euonymus needs is annual trimming. They are beautiful shrubs for your garden, mainly maintenance free and well worth considering for your garden.

Happy Gardening!

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  1. I have NEVER had good luck with these... they always end up looking like they are barely clinging to life... perhaps b/c they are in fact barely clinging to life. They are so pretty if healthy but just SAD if not!

    Renee :)

  2. I found your blog(s) a while back on the canning group. I've been checking back ever since. I LOVE your plant posts in particular!

    Anyway, when my friend, Kami, tagged my blog today (asking me to tell 6 quirky things about me) I agreed to play along. I chose your blog to tag, and hope you'll play along! To read the directions, just click on my name and it will take you to my blog.

    Happy gardening!!

  3. Renee, have you checked for aphids? If no aphids try a good watering with 2 tbsp epsom salts to one gallon of water per foot height. Follow that by a foliar spray of 1 tsp epsom salts per quart of water, sprayed directly on the leaves when then are not in direct sun. HTH

  4. Hmm, a tag about my quirks? This ought to be fun :) Thanks for the tag.


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