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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tips for Growing Herbs

Many are interested in putting in vegetable gardens this year partly as a way of keeping the ever rising food costs in check. At the same time herbs should be considered for a few reasons. Fresh herbs are a wonderful way to add a lot of flavour to dishes without a lot of cost. Second and most important is some herbs act as companion plants improving the growth of some vegetables or acting as natural insect control in the garden. I honestly feel no vegetable garden is complete without herbs! Here are a few tips for successfully growing herb:

  1. Herbs do best in full sun.  I have had good success with herbs grown in partially shaded areas where the herbs receive full afternoon sun.
  2. Herbs will generally do well in poorer soils as long as the soil drains well.  Wet or soggy soil is not a good choice for most herbs so use soil amendment if necessary.
  3. Herbs should be harvested when the foliage is dry and before they flower for best flavour, scent and colour.
  4. Remove any flower growth as they form to encourage leaf growth.
  5. Pick flowering herbs (eg. lavender, chives) when the buds are just starting to open.  If picked too late seeds with have formed and will drop when dried.
  6. Herbs that are getting straggly should be cut back to encourage bushy new growth.
  7. Herbs are prolific.  The more you cut the more they will produce.  Start cutting as early as June and continue until the first frost.
  8. Herbs grown in containers will need more watering than those grown in the ground. Many herbs grown in containers can be brought indoors for the winter.

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome


  1. Thank-you for a very informative post!

  2. Hi,
    what gorgeous picts!

    Nice to see another friend of gnomes and lover of gardens and growing things. I'm ready to put in two bags of mulch and trim back my ivy. I started up some gnome fun at my blog, hope you can join in. I take gnome on adventures to give them a break from the garden.

    Help me spread the word.

    I hope to link up with other gnome sites, including yours, once I figrue out the rest of wordpress.

    happy spring!

  3. growing your own herbs is much cheaper than getting them from the store. Thanks for sharing your tips!


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