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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Truck Farm - Episode 2

Episode 1 of the Truck Farm showed a novel idea of growing a garden in the back of an old pick-up truck. This episode dealt with the issues of drainage and soil mixture. Episode 2 shows how much produce can actually be grown in a small space. I love the idea of using solar power to power a camera to take pictures of the hourly changes in the garden!

Assuming an older Dodge truck bed is about the same size as our older GM truck bed (about 5' x 8') he is working with 40 square feet of growing space less the widths of the wheel wells. Essentially this is close to the square footage of one of my raised beds (4' x 10'). I noticed the Truck Farm was planted pretty much in the traditional row method. The yield would have been much higher had he used the square foot gardening method.

Two problems I see with driving the truck are the weight at an estimated 800 lb for the garden and wind damage. However, this would be an ideal project to take to local schools to get children interested in gardening. It would also be an ideal promotional project for intercity gardening. What the Truck Farm experiment really shows is if you really want to grow your own food there is always a way to do so if you get a bit creative.

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