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Friday, June 03, 2011

Indoor Garden at Crystals in City Center, Las Vegas

indoor garden at Crystals in City Center, Las Vegas
Indoor Graden at Crystals in City Center, Las Vegas
May 9, 2011

One lovely benefit of vacationing is checking out gardens in other regions.  We recently spent our spring vacation split between Las Vegas and Florida so I will be sharring some of the gardening pictures with you.  Pictured is one of the cute indoor gardens at Crystals in City Center in Las Vegas.
  The ginormous bunnies were quite cute.  Now the designer for this garden likely has never dealt with bunnies in their garden.  If they had they would not have made these bunnies so cute.  Having had a lot of dealings with wild rabbits, trust me they are not cute!  Still this was a lovely little indoor garden, full of whimsy.

Happy Gardening!

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