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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hibiscus at Captain J's, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Habiscus at Cocoa Beach, Florida

 Hibiscus at Captain J's
(Cocoa Beach, Florida)
May 10, 2012

We left beautiful Ontario, Canada for our spring vacation on May 8.  Another couple came with us who would also join us in Aruba then head back home on May 20 while we would not arrive home until the early hours of May 30.   We didn't fly out to Aruba until May 12 so that gave us a bit of time for sight seeing around our vacation home area.  The second day there we made a side trip to visit Cocoa Beach and have lunch with one of their kids.   I just couldn't resist taking this picture of their gorgeous hibiscus, wondering if the weather had been kind enough to spare the potted hibiscus I had put just outside the front entrance before leaving for our vacation.

Back in the late spring of 2011 while our previous house was still on the market, I bought two potted hibiscus at Wal-mart.  They were on sale for $5.  I popped them in their pots in two larger containers on either side of the front entrance just to make it look friendly.  When we moved, we brought them with us.  Well my husband took one to the office then proceeded to neglect it so I brought it back home to nurse back to health.  Now this variety of hibiscus doesn't do well below 50ºF so would be considered an annual where we live.  The temperatures dipped in the fall and I lost one of them.  I brought the other in the house to over winter.  Surprisingly, the plant did quite well, rewarding me with stunning peach colour blooms the entire winter.  It survived being attacked by gnats, moving outdoors and me being away.  The tree is quite healthy looking although it is not in bloom.  As soon as it blooms I will share a few pictures with you.

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