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Sunday, February 10, 2013

On the Backyard Chicken Front

Oh my gosh!  The bylaw has passed allowing us backyard chickens in our municipality!  I am beyond excited.  We were rural before so had no problems with backyard chickens but moving into an urban setting, there was this pesky bylaw nonsense.  So they have allowed it!  The ground is covered with snow but I've already been in touch with a friend who raises chickens.  I thought I would start with 5 chickens but our son`s fiancée said we would get an egg from each every 14 hours.  Five eggs almost twice a day would really add up!  I might have to rethink my plan.

Anyway, this is awesome news for our little corner of beautiful Ontario, Canada.  It allows us one more way to produce our own food using organic methods.  Up to now, we could have rabbits inside town limits but not chickens.  Chickens are a wonderful source of protein.  They are good producers that help control insects and grubs in the garden.  They are low maintenance, beneficial animals in the garden and they give you an egg every 14 hours!  So it really is a win:win that I intend to take advantage of.

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  1. Congratulations. Our suburban county allows them only if you have 2 acres minimum of land. We know chickens don't need that much space!


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