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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lawn Care

We have always lived in small urban settings but in the past ten years spent four years living first semi-rural followed by four years living rural before moving back into a small urban setting.  Even though our property is not in an urban subdivision it backs on to a very small tract of farm land.  It is surprising what a difference there is in lawn care in subdivisions!  Don't get me wrong as lawn care is part of rural living as well.  The amount of lawn to maintain is considerably larger than subdivision lawns.  However, the lawn maintenance companies likely don't make much off of rural properties.  We never worried about a few dandelions in the lawn that was simply cut when needed with a mulching lawnmower.  

Subdivisions are characterized by their pristine green carpets of grass.  These lawns are chemically dependent and will actually go through withdrawl if you don't keep dousing the chemicals on it.  Not only that, folks in subdivisions have a few weird ideas about lawn care.  Quite often lawns are watered on a schedule whether or not they need it.  The same holds true for cutting the lawn which is usually cut too short.  We have had an abundance of torrential downpours meaning there has been no real need to water the lawn yet some of our neighbours have their sprinklers going like clock work even when it is raining!  I honestly forgot how silly folks can be.  Honestly, a few days ago we had an all day rain with a couple of bouts of heavy down pour.  The same was predicted for the following day.  We woke to rain then it stopped. Our neighbour was out cutting his grass about 15 minutes later.  When he finished cutting the grass his sprinklers came on and remained on for the first half hour after it started raining again.  Really!  Talk about a complete waste of resources...


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