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Monday, June 19, 2006

Epsom Salt - A Gardener's Solution!

Epsom Salt

This 100% natural mineral is a gardener's solution! Epsom Salt is maganesium sulfate and it can be used to get great results in the garden as well as a soak for aching muscles after a day in the garden.

General Use: Mix 1/2 c epsom salt per gallon of water for watering potted plants. Apply 1 tsp per foot of height for each plant once biweekly.

Tomatoes: Add 2-3 tbsp per hole before planting then twice a month, sprinkle 1 tbsp per foot of height per plant biweeklyy.

Roses & Flowers: Use 1/2 c in the soil at the base of the plant then uses a foliar spray of 1 tsp epsom salt to 1 gallon water or use 1 tsp per foot at base biweekly

Peppers & other fruits and vegetables: Miz 1 tbsp per gallon of water and water monthly or us one tsp per foot of height per plant biweekly.

Outdoor plants & shrubbery: Use 1-2 tbsp around base of plants every 2 - 4 weeks.

Gardener's Dream for Tired Muscles: Dissolve 2 c epsom salt in warm tub of water. Relax while pondering seed catalogues.

Happy Gardening

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