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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wild Violets

I thought I would share this picture taken last spring. I used it for an animation project on one of my Yahoo groups. It is animated but for some reason the animation gets stripped when uploaded to my blog. Aside of the animation, this picture was a bit more challenging as I played with the filters in Photoshop and used several layers.

I find wild violets (family - Viola) delightful! We are blessed to have an abundance of purple wild violets and Johnny Jump-ups (Viola cornuta) so I was surprised when searching for the scientific name to write this entry to find wild violets classified as weeds. I don't see them as weeds and they are welcomed in my garden. They bring back fond childhood memories, brighten my day, brighten shady areas in the garden and attract beneficial insects. Besides since they are wildflowers, they cost nothing and are suited to our area. The best thing is I don't have to nothing more than enjoy them! If violets appear in your dreams it is said that a fortune is in your future. I'm not sure if that holds true but then I don't recall ever dreaming of violets.

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