Neighbours talking over the garden gate has long been a tradition. They share gardening tips, complain about the weather and pests yet are ever eager to discuss their gardens. That is what I had in mind when creating this blog. So stop by my garden gate to find out the latest happenings in my garden.

Happy Gardening!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Signs of Spring

Naked Lady Lilies
Amaryllis belladonna

Despite the recent cold weather, signs of spring are all around us. Yesterday a house finch and goldfinch were visiting my neighbour's niger seed feeder. The bluejays are coming around for their daily peanut offering. If I don't have the peanuts out by the time they arrive, one of the bluejays has taken to sitting on the windowsill then tapping on the window. The first one to arrive, goes around picking up each peanut then dropping it. He finally decides on a peanut, lets out a call then flies off with his treasure. It's rather humous to watch. We think he is looking for the heaviest peanuts. The guinea hens are still visiting daily. My neighbour says they will be nesting soon.

Yesterday I noticed the Naked Lady Lilies (Amaryllis belladonna) were poking through the leaves. I made an entry on these interesting lilies back in August 2006. They get their name from their unique growing pattern. From now until late spring, the clumps of leaves will grow then they die back. After the leaves die back in mid-summer, up pop the naked stems with pretty trumpet shaped, fragrant pale pink lilies on them. The patch under the Rose of Sharon has spred as has the transplanted patch.

Happy Gardening!

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