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Friday, April 20, 2007

Yesderday In The Garden

The weather has finally turned mild compared to the nasty April start. I spent a bit of time in the garden yesterday just puttering and enjoying the new growth. Now this is rather bitter sweet in some ways as we do have the house listed for sale and our offer was accepted on another house. Basically the only thing we have to do to move is sell our house. Looking at all I've accomplished in the garden is heartwarming and it will be sad to leave it behind yet there is a bit of anticipation and excitement at the possibility of starting a new vegetable garden. If all goes well, it will be the fifth vegetable garden I've started and watched mature.


Our family loves rhubarb! My kids will pull of a stem and eat it as is right in the garden while eyeing up what else they can pick and pop into their mouths. Believe me when I know they are going to be home, I have to get up early to get anything from the garden! Rhubarb pie is another family favourite. Whatever we can't use fresh is canned or froze.

I was pleased to see the cold spell did not affect the rhubarb. This is a fairly new patch with this being the second season but it does appear to be doing well. It is on the north side of the greenhouse.

Small Raised Beds

I spent a little time working up the three smaller raised beds. The soil was not worked to a fine texture just merely. The reason for this is the square foot method. I'll sprinkle on a layer of fresh soil and sifted compost. Each square is reworked as it is planted so leaving the beds this way is fine. The grids were formed using push pins and cotton yarn as described in a previous entry.

As you can see the paths need a bit of work. A solution of vinegar and water will take care of any weeds or grass peeking through. We need to rake the paths as well just to clean up any winter debris.

On a sad note, someone has taken it upon themselves to kill two of the three guinea hens that have been visiting my garden. I learned last week that one had been captured and killed. Yesterday I discovered the carcass of another floating at the water's edge. Some cowardly person callously killed this beneficial bird then tossed it into the water. I blogged about this on my personal blog today. It saddens me to see this type of destruction!

Happy Gardening!

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