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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Artificial Verses Real Christmas Trees

Gardening seems so far away with winter setting in and the holiday season upon us.  That brings me to the never ending question of real verses artificial Christmas trees.  Hands down I am on the real Christmas tree even though we have used an artificial Christmas tree for the past 5 years.  Now here my reasoning.

When we moved to our last house we bought an eco-friendly fiber optic artificial tree that lit up using one halogen light.  At that time my allergies were running amuck and my asthma was far from being under control.  That is precisely the time to not introduce allergens from a real Christmas tree.  This year we are not putting up the artificial Christmas tree other than the ceramic one using a CFL but we do have plans for a real Christmas tree.

Real Christmas trees are grown on farms as a cash crop.   Until harvest the trees add oxygen to the air while filtering the air making it cleaner.  The trees can be used for home heating in a wood stove or wood fireplace by removing the branches while the branches can be composted.  Those are a few eco-friendly reasons to use a real Chrismas trees.  At the same time buying a real Christmas tree is supporting local growers making for a stronger community economically. 

Happy Gardening!

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  1. I prefer a real tree, as I originally come from "Christmas tree land" (Western Oregon). That said, we're putting up an artificial tree that has been recycled from someone else. With a new Border Collie pup in the house, you can bet there won't be any lights or decorations on the bottom limbs.


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