Neighbours talking over the garden gate has long been a tradition. They share gardening tips, complain about the weather and pests yet are ever eager to discuss their gardens. That is what I had in mind when creating this blog. So stop by my garden gate to find out the latest happenings in my garden.

Happy Gardening!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Gardening Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner so I thought I would do up a gardening wish list.  The nice thing about gardening is everyone knows you garden so it is  easier to buy gifts for those special occasions.  Here's a few things that are on my gardening wish list:

  • seeds - I'm especially fond of receiving seeds and it doesn't matter what.  I look forward in anticipation to see if I can get the seeds to germinate and what the plant will look like.
  • fancy pots - I am very much utilitarian  when it comes to planting which means most of my pots tend to be plastic or plain terra cotta.  I really love the looks of the glazed pots to set a plainer pot in while adding a bit of interest to the gardens.
  • a gazing ball - I would love to have a gazing ball!
  • gnomes - Trust me on this one, I could never, ever, ever have too many gnomes :)
  • copper tape - I use copper tape to snail proof my garden beds and containers so a roll of that is always very much appreciated.
  • a garden bench - I love garden benches, just to stop and sit a spell while out in the garden.
Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome


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