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Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Crows Visit

The Crow
January 31, 2011

Crows are large nuisance birds that cost local farmers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  In urban settings they are such a nuisance that some folks have taken to shooting them with pellet guns.  Home gardeners can also have problems with crows.  Regardless where you live, crows can be a huge problem with getting into garbage bags set out for collection.  They can make quite the mess!

We are rural on waterfront property so luckily the crows tend to be more of a nuisance for the farmland across from rather than bother us much.  Recently a flock of crows have been visiting our large maple trees where they forage around the base of the trees.  The snow isn't quite as deep there.  They fly between the open water back to the trees, down to forage then repeat.  While crows don't land on the water they can get water by standing on the ice.  The crows are rather aggressive towards the smaller waterfowl but tend to behave themselves when the swans are around.

Happy Gardening!

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