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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Major Gardening Changes Ahead

The past two gardening seasons have been rather bittersweet with our house on the market.  It's been sixteen months now, difficult to stay motivated for vegetable gardening knowing there was a good chance of not being abler to reap the rewards.  It was even more difficult at the start of this gardening season as my husband was quite sick so my attention was on him not gardening.  I pared down much of the planting this year focusing more on containers.

This past Wednesday, our house was officially SOLD!  The following day we signed the final papers for the purchase of our new house.  We also did another walk-through of the property.  There property is nicely landscaped with a swimming pool.  There are three peach (? apricot) trees, one small enough to move.  We'll likely move that to one of our kids' house.  There is one pear tree as well.  I'm quite excited to have fruit trees for the first time since our third house!  There is a good sized area that was used for traditional in-the-ground garden beds that I will change to raised beds.  I spotted a few herbs amongst various flowers growing in perimeter beds.  There are grape vines as well.  I did not see any rhubarb, strawberries or asparagus so those will be the first of the perennials to be planted.  There is a main deck and a pool deck.  The pool deck is backed by a gorgeous flowering vine that needs trimming back.  The main deck will be a great summer spot for houseplants and container gardening.  I definitely want to add window boxes on the main deck railing.   The interior of the house has a great natural light and we have plans to add one or more solar tubes.  It will lend itself quite nicely to add to my houseplant collection as well as the herbs and vegetables I want to grow indoors.

Happy Gardening!

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