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Happy Gardening!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our New Moving Date

The buyer of our house requested that the closing date be changed from November 1 to September 15.  Trust me I am rolling my eyes on this one because we wanted a shorter closing date from the start but  she would not budge.  Then everything is signed, sealed and ready to go and two weeks later she decides she would like to move in earlier.  We aren't obligated to change to the new closing date but the house we bought is 95% empty so the sellers agreed to the new closing date as well but we are starting to move in on September 1.  That means I will get a chance to harvest pears and whatever the other fruit trees are!  I will also get a chance to discover what it planted there then start my own garden plans for the following spring.  We are really excited to be able to get into the house well before the threat of snow flying!

I am hoping to be able to harvest the volunteer tomato plants here.  I will be taking any container plants but that's it.  I've decided it best to see what is planted there then start over.  I will be putting in new raised beds.  I am very excited with this turn of events!

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome


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