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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Peach Trees

We were extremely pleased to discover fruit trees on our newly acquired property.  The property itself is a smaller, subdivision sized with a good sized house and above ground pool.  This will place restrictions on how we can set up our gardens.  There are some established ornamental front and side garden beds and a good size (about 10' x 20') traditional bed for vegetables.  I will be turning that area into raised garden beds using small space gardening methods.  I have a few new ideas I want to try but they will have to wait until spring.

peach tree
There are three peach trees on the property.  I suspect they are Red Haven and know they are cling-free so will have our local nursery help identify them.  Two are nice sized but the third is small enough that we are considering moving it.  I think two peach trees will be sufficient.  The peaches were ripe to over ripe when we started moving in.  They were small but plentiful with a lovely flavour.  The biggest problem was the yellow jackets helping themselves to the over ripe peaches.  Within a couple of days both of us had been stung so I knocked the remaining partially eaten over ripe fruit from the tree to get rid of the yellow jackets.  It was a good decision as the fruit was not salvageable.

Over the winter months I will be researching how to care for peach trees.  With proper pruning we should get fewer but larger peaches.  I will also be researching on how to discourage the large number of yellow jackets that are not welcomed with a pool and outdoor entertaining.   I suspect on of the easiest ways is to do a clean pick each day as the fruit ripens as well as remove any over ripe fruit.  I can't tell you how excited I am to begin another new gardening adventure!

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome

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  1. Unless you are really fond of peaches, I would think 2 trees would be enough, too.

    Good luck with them!


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