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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Carbon Dioxide Trick

I picked up a rather neat trick for growing indoors back when I had my hobby greenhouse.  Plants and humans work opposite.  Humans breath in oxygen and respire carbon dioxide whereas plants use carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is why we need plants in our home for healthy indoor air quality.  In my quest to heat the greenhouse the first year, I came across a tip to use a propane heater that emitted carbon dioxide with the cheap fix of burning a few candles.  The plants loved it, rewarding me with beautiful growth.  So, I'm using that trick indoors.

Our home is a five bedroom, two bath executive home which really means it has a lot of square footage.  The problem is, there are only two of us most days so we don't produce the amount of carbon dioxide the plants need.  I have resorted to burning a tea light candle near the plants a couple of times a week.  So far, so good.  The plants seem to be enjoying it with nice, healthy growth.  It is an easy solution to keep plants breathing properly.  The nice thing is, this doesn't cost nor is it difficult to do.  The only thing is you should be in the room when the candles are burning.  Other than that, this trick works like a charm for all plants grown indoors.


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