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Friday, January 05, 2007

Guinea Hen Revisited

Charlie on Greenhouse

He's back and he brought his buddies! We now have three of the guinea hens frequenting the neighbourhood. They make enough noise that I can tell they are in the yard even with a well sealed house. One neighbour built a little shelter for him and now his buddies. One is feeding them. I'm getting some pretty neat pictures as seen above with Charlie sitting on the greenhouse. Yep, I named him. Today they were squawking unbelievably so thinking there was a problem I went out to investigate. Sure enough another neighbour was chasing them away. Well I would squawk too at that! Then later this afternoon I heard them squawking again to find some young lad taking aim at them with a pellet gun. Why it is people have to try destroying what they don't understand?

The guinea hens are harmless, maybe a little loud at times but entirely harmless. Now the owner is being irresponsible by letting them roam. There is no doubt that something will happen to them given the young lad, other critters and vehicles. But some of us are enjoying them in our gardens and they are beneficial too. As critters go these guys are pretty enjoyable.

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  1. Kind of looks vulture like to me! LOL Just how noisy are these guys? Do they fly? Since reading about them I am considering a couple of hens for the back yard. Although I wonder about local zoning codes.

  2. honey guinea fowl roam
    they can fly as you saw from charlie on greenhouse
    and they also NEED to roam
    they eat ticks
    they eat a LOT of bad insects
    but really they are unhappy unless they are roaming
    oh and they are little escape artists.....
    one of my friend had them
    while I found the stories amusing
    she wasn't too pleased when they tore her garden apart
    and kept getting out of their pen

    but she does love them

    ( you know.......THAT vi)


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