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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Secret Fortunes

One of my kids gave me this cute joke gift for Christmas. The can does say it is a real plant so that is a relief! Apparently a magic message that tells my forture is supposed to magically appear on a bean. Now this I have got to see! I don't know what others think but I'm very skeptical and you can be sure I won't be eating any of these beans.

The can is about 4 oz pop can size. On the bottom end there is the pull tab to let excess water into a plastic snap on protector. The entire top lid pulls off to reveal gorgeous vermiculite. The instructions said to water, drain and sit in a sunny winter to be rewarded with a plant in about 5 days. Well, I followed the instructions on Dec 27 but so far no plant or even sign of growth. The container does indicate the plant is a friend and is a male in need of love and care. Well all righty then. This year I might just as well be bad to see if Santa can bring me something a little more useful like a garden trowel!

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