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Monday, June 11, 2007

My Garden - What I Will Miss

Sunrise on Greenhouse
May 30, 2007

One of my readers asked what I would miss about this house when we moved. Aside of the fact that I love the charm of the inside of the house of which I will think of fondly, I won't miss the lack of privacy the property has. What I will miss the most is my garden. The way the greenhouse glows in the early morning as the sun rises always brings a smile. I love being in the garden at day break. It's a magical time of the day!

My Vegetable Garden

This is a scan of my vegetable garden from a portion of an arial photo taken last September of our property. An arial photography firm photographed all of the properties in our area because of the water location. They gave each home owner a change to buy the framed photos for $200. I bought it because it showed our entire property including the waterfront and dock. The photo is a wonderful addition to my genealogy files!

I will miss seeing what we accomplished in this garden. Our property is in two portions with a road going between the main portion and the waterfront portion. When we moved here four years ago, the garden was an over grown patch of weeds approximately 8' x 10'. The location quickly made me realize that it wasn't the best spot for a garden. Two huge trees are on the eastern property line, one on the north corner and one on the south. Another huge tree (about 4' diameter trunk) is about half way up the main portion of the property but on the neighbour's property. The three trees provide ample shade. Despite this, I decided to keep the garden in the same location but use raised beds. After doing the research I made the paths 3' wide and added a greenhouse. The original garden consisted of five raised beds. We added three smaller raised beds last year. From the start the garden got a lot of interest from passerbys and word spred through the village so some made a special trip to see the garden and ask questions. I was the first to use the square foot garden method in the area. Now because of my garden success using the square foot garden method there are at least three others here using the method.

As the days grow closer to the move, I'm saddened by what I'm leaving behind. Part of this garden will live on in the next gardens as well with the few clippings and transplants I'm taking. I'd love to say that the garden will continue but it is doubtful given the person who bought it (arrogant, obnoxious and looking to flip for a quick buck). I do hope it will continue to exist and evolve. I'd like it to be loved and nurtured as it was meant to be. Still with my many photos it will exist in my mind and memories.

I'm excited at being able to create a new vegetable garden that will accent the mature landscapting at our new home. I already have several ideas so have been making sketches and plans for the new vegetable garden. I'm excited at the prospect of learning about some of the new to me plants that the previous owner planted. I spoke with her briefly the day we finalized the sale on that end. Her eyes misted over as she talked about her gardens and how she was so happy that they would be in the hands of someone who loves to garden. I'm glad I was able to make her happy. I hope she stops in from time to time to visit in the garden. The gardens there are absolutely beautiful!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. That's a really cool greenhouse.

  2. Thank's Sir Jorge. I'm going to miss it.

  3. The impact of that house is the good thing for our environmental system. This will reduce the impact of greenhouse effect!


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