Neighbours talking over the garden gate has long been a tradition. They share gardening tips, complain about the weather and pests yet are ever eager to discuss their gardens. That is what I had in mind when creating this blog. So stop by my garden gate to find out the latest happenings in my garden.

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome
"All my life through, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child." ~ Madame Marie Curie"

Sunday, January 24, 2010


During the cold of winter one of the most pleasant activities a gardener can do is to visit a conservatory.  It is quite pleasant wandering through the paths in a conservatory stopping to enjoy the plants and a bit of warm out of the winter weather.  The peace and lush growth soothes the soul while the mind comes alive with all the possibilities for the up coming growing season.  What I really enjoy too is seeing the plants that I know won't grow well outdoors in my zone.  Some conservatories have birds flitting around while larger ones like in the Ontario Science Centre have smaller amphibians as well. 

I alway take my camera so I can get pictures of those plants I'm interested in growing.  Seeing these plants at their mature sizes gives a better idea as to whether they will fit into the space I have in mind.  I also take a small notebook to record any additional ideas.  Most digital cameras will take fairly decent pictures of the plant identification tags so the notebook is more to record things such as approximate size of the plant as well as what I liked or didn't like about the plant.

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome


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