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Friday, January 20, 2012

Replenishing My Seed Supply

When I first started growing a vegetable garden years ago, I bought mainly plants and very few seeds.  As my gardens become larger and more complex, seeds entered into the picture.  Now I turn to seeds I have collected from the gardens as well as buying seeds and some plants.  As most gardeners experience from time to time is the only way to get plants outside of the normal limited range of quite often hybrid plants and seeds is to order seed from a seed company or participate in a seed exchange. 

My seed supply is rather low because our house was on the market for the last two growing seasons which translated into growing less.  This ultimately meant I had less plants to save seed from so my own, known to be organically produced seed is almost used up.  When I buy vegetable seed or plants, I look for seed from organic growers who have been certified organic (eg.  The Centre for Systems Integration certification).  I want to be sure the seeds and plants used for my edible garden is not GMO (genetically modified organisms) or chemically treated as well.  Thankfully, heirloom seeds and certified organic seed is easily available through the seed and plant companies I deal with.  This year I expect the new raised beds and other garden beds to be fairly productive so I will be able to replenish my seed supply further. 

Happy Gardening!
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