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Monday, January 30, 2012

Protecting Saved Seeds

As a home gardener I am also a seed saver.  Seeds can be saved from any plant but heirlooms are preferred as they breed true unlike seeds from hybrid plants.  Really from a genetic perspective if you cross two hybrids you have a 25% chance of the resulting plant being true for either of the homozygous traits but a 50% chance of it it being nothing like the parental plant.  I grow and save heirloom seeds from plants that were grown using organic practices.  I also buy seed from companies where I know they use organic growing practices.  What many new gardeners do not realize aside of the quality of the seed (eg. heirloom, organic) is seeds are living entities.  During storage, seeds collected from your garden or purchased need a bit of protection to ensure a good germination rate.    The germination rate is determined over a certain number of seeds.  Let's say you plant 100 seeds and 5 germinate into seedlings.  The germination rate if 5% which by any measurement is close to a waste of time and energy BUT in some cases that 5% may be the best you are ever going to get.

In general, seeds should be stored in such a manner that you have enough to plant two seasons' worth of garden.  Seeds should be properly stored in your pantry protected from light, heat, insects and rodents.  Store in vacuum sealed glass mason jars to protect against these threats.  Light, moisture and heat can cause sprouting and/or moulding.  Insects and rodents can quickly eat through your supply of stored seeds.  Properly stored seeds will keep for at least two years and longer but longer storage may result in lower germination rates. 

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