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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Minor Glitch in My Spring Garden Plans

I started using the square foot gardening method two houses ago when we lived in an urban setting.  Out last house was on the edge of a small village where I had the largest square foot garden complete with greenhouse.  This house is technically rural but the street is more like semi-rural.  Since the house has not sold yet, I'm moving ahead with my plans to add at least one more large raised bed (4' x 8') and do a bit of landscaping at the front of the house.  Yesterday it dawned on me that my plans would be a little more challenging this year.

Up to this point and for my previous two large square foot gardens, I had a pick-up truck at my disposable.  The truck had a colourful history as well.  We used to have a gorgeous conversion van perfect for family outings.  All of our kids learned to drive  with that van.  When the motor went we popped a new motor in it.  About 2 months after we had just had the van repainted our youngest totaled it.  We stripped what we could including the motor that went into a truck my husband found that had no motor.  We got the truck dirt cheap!  It was nothing to look at, the radio didn't work and was a hog on gas but it was dependable.  Well it was dependable until one of our kids, the same one who totaled the van was taking a load of brush from our house to the burn pile on the farm.  The truck quit on the side of the road and refused to start.  We had it towed, got it fixed and a couple of weeks later it did the same thing.  We had it limped back to our buddy's garage where the poor sat looking rather rejected half of the winter until my husband put it out of it's misery.  Anything savagable was stripped which wasn't much then the remainder sold for scrap metal.  In the meantime another of our kids was selling their second vehicle so we bought it.  It's a nice, fuel efficient, manual transmission hatchback. 

Without the truck I have no convenient way to get lumber, soil, mulch, compost and other gardening necessities home.  The seats fold down in the hatchback so I might be able to get lumber home but not soil bought by the yard or compost from the municipal yard.  It looks like I am going to have to find a truck to borrow or pay delivery charges.  Ah well, it won't be as convenient but the garden is slated for expansion this spring if we don't move.

Happy Gardening!

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