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Monday, April 18, 2011

Not Quite Spring Weather

snow in April
This Morning's Snowfall
April 18, 2011

We woke to about two inches of snow this morning.  I'm sure the daffodiles and tulips are not appreciating their wintery blanket.  The calendar says it's spring.  By this time last year the weather had been on the warm side enough to be in summer clothes to celebrate a couple of our grandkid's birthdays.  The sun was even warm enough to give that first glow of a sunburn across the nose!  What a difference it is this year.  We have had snow on and off since early last November.  Being of sound mind we spent a month of that time at our vacation home in the sunny south but had to drive through snow going down and coming back.  Many are getting rather tired of the snow as it has been hanging on longer than usual.  The good thing is the above average snowfall is a good thing for local farmers until now when some of them are getting ready to plow fields.  The ground is a bit too wet to be working up right now. Here's hoping the weather turns quickly to get things in gear for the summer months.  I fear though it is going to be a cold, wet spring followed by a cooler summer.  Time will tell...

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome

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  1. The weather is so strange these days. Over here in Europe, it's surprisingly warm, and probably a bit too dry for the farmers' liking.


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