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Thursday, June 10, 2010

At Risk Garden Visitors

As I work in the garden I am always on the look-out for garden visitors both friend and foe.  I find it amazing the diversity of critters that visit the gardens and yards.  For the most part all of the visitors are wild with the exception of a couple of neighbourhood cats that visit occasionally.  Currently the most noticeable difference in my garden visitors is the glaring absence of the wild rabbits and I have seen the cats for quite some time either.  Given our location on the water with bordering farmland I'm surprised we haven't seen any snakes either. 

baby bird
A couple of days ago I was doing a bit of planting in the garden.  Close to the sidewalk under the cedars there was a tiny bird that had fallen from it's nest.  Obviously he was in a bit of shock from his fall but did not appear to be hurt.  The fall would have been roughly about 8 feet.  This poor little one was a critter at risk in my garden especially if the neighbourhood cats happened upon him.  There are also several species of birds of prey that frequent our area.  I kept an eye on him hoping that he would be able to get to a bit safer location under a nearby shrub.  At least there he wouldn't be quite so noticeable to predators.  The following day he was gone but there were no signs of harm so I think he may still be under the shrub.

albino toad
Last year an  albino toad decided to call the gardens his home.  Toads are always most welcomed in my gardens for natural insect control.  An albino toad seldom survives long in nature because it is lacking the natural camoflage needed to protect itself from predators.  Despite that the albino toad managed to spend the gardening season with us. 

My husband was unloading the car from our vacation when he discovered the albino toad again.  He told me the yellow toad was back if I wanted to get pictures.  Sure enough there was the little critter waiting patiently with the gnomes for his photoshoot.  This reminds me I need to make a couple of toad homes to give him a bit more protections.

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome


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