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Friday, June 18, 2010

Sad Gardening Memories

In June 2007 I sadly said a final goodbye to my garden at our former house.  It was a bitter sweet day filled with memories of how the garden had come to be and excitement at the prospects of starting a new garden at the new house.  I did shed a tear or two that day.  The garden that had been just a though ended up a reality and had matured nicely.  A walk through my garden showed the five older raised beds, three smaller new raised beds and the greenhouse.  I was pleased with how the garden had become one of the selling features of our home.  Pictures from that garden are in the archives from the start of this blog in 2006 until we moved in 2007.  The actual garden was started in 2004.  I hoped that the new owners would continue on with what I started.  Sadly that wasn't meant to be.

We drove by the house about a month after moving.  The beautiful heirloom rose bushes were gone! That was a sign of things to come.  The first winter after we moved here we drove by the house again to see the greenhouse had fallen down.  The people who had bought the house sold it again in 2009.  We had heard a lot of rumours so drove by the house again a couple of days ago.  The yard is now fenced with chain link fencing looking very much out of place in the neighbourhood.  The garden paths and raised beds are gone.  In their place is pristine grass.  The only thing left of my gorgeous garden are pictures and memories.  It was sad to see the garden gone and it re-inforced my bit of melancoly losing over my current garden if or when the house sells. 

This garden is not what the former one was because the first couple of years here we spent ripping out.  This year I have been making a lot of progress in the garden but each time I see the For Sale sign I'm reminded that the garden is important to me but the next owners likely won't view it the same way.  We are now debating taking the house off the market so I'm continuing on as normal with a couple of new raised beds going in.  Still I'm taking lots of pictures and creating memories of this garden just in case.

Happy Gardening!

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