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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Plant Purchase from Richters Herbs

I looked high and low for horseradish for the garden unsuccessfully at all the local nurseries.  I even tried the local grocery stores for horseradish root in the produce section hoping I could plant it.  I had had success a few years ago with a piece of horseradish root that grew in the house for awhile.  A kind soul on one of the groups I followed suggested I check out Richters.  Richters Herbs are located in Goodwood, ON  so shipping wouldn't be an issue.

It has been quite some time since I ordered live plants to be shipped.  I went to Richters' website, placed my order and paid for it then patiently sat back to await my plants.  Of course I could buy just the horseradish.  I also bought a couple of herbs and a scented geranium.  The minimum order for live plants is 6.  My order came to $31.93 with shipping and handling.

plants in box
I thought the plants would be delivered by courier to the house but instead they came by Canada Post's Xpress Post to the post office.  At one time the rural post delivery would bring the parcel to the door but now you have to go pick it up at the post office.  When I saw the size of the box the first thing I though was it was only part of the order.  The box measured 9" long x 6" wide x 6" tall.  The plants were carefully secured by a inner cardboard insert.  Once I pulled the insert from the box it became clearer why there in a 6 plant minimum per order. 
alt plant packaging
The insert had cutouts for each plant stem that closed over each pot.  The sides folded up then in to protect each set of two outer plants from the two inner plants.  Each pot was secured within a plastic bag to prevent soil and moisture loss.  Each plant was labeled as well.

I was quite impressed with the packaging.  The plants were well protected from damage during shipping. The invoice and order forms were included in the box along with an informational sheet on how to care for the plants on arrival and an informational pamphlet on growing herbs indoors or out.  I carefully removed the plastic bags and watered them well then placed them in the sunporch.

the new plants
Pictured are the 6 plants I bought - 3 horseradish (back), chocolate-mint geranium (right), chocolate mint (centre) and pesto perpetuo basil (left).  The plants that I'm growing indoors will be repotted in 4 - inch pots.  Two of the horseradish plants will be planted in large pots outdoors.  Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) is invasive so needs to be contained in the home garden.

I am quite pleased with my experience buying live plants from Ritchers Herbs.  The selection and service is excellent.  Given that I ordered outside the main shipping season my plants arrived quickly (13 days).  The plants were well packaged and quite healthy looking.  I definitely will be ordering from them again!

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