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Saturday, June 26, 2010

First of the Zucchini and Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Things are progressing nicely in the garden.  I am still planting but that is normal for the square foot garden method.  I have a lot more vegetables and herbs planted in containers this year.  This does seem to be the year of dealing with various insects and their damage but with the wild rabbits mysteriously absent there is no large scale damage so far. 

I only have one zucchini plant this year planted in a 5 gallon container.  It is growing well and appears to be quite healthy.  I haven't noticed any signs of squash borer yet so that's a good thing.  Hopefully I can get through the growing season without having to deal with squash borer!

There are 4 small zucchini on the plant but the first one to the left of the picture started shriveling shortly after the zucchini was planted.  This is like due to a bit of transplant shock.  The largest zucchini is about 2½- inches long so it won't be long now.  I can hardly wait to harvest the first zucchini!

tiny tim tomatoes
All of my tomato plants were planted late by some home gardeners planting but the majority of mine were planted when the local farmers were planting theirs.  So they are still in line with our area's growing conditions.  I have 4 Tiny Tim tomato plants in one of the raised beds and 2 in 5 gallon containers.  The plants in the raised beds now have small green tomatoes on them so that was a surprise.  They appear to be healthy with plenty of blossoms although they are shorter than I expected they would be.  Hopefully the abundance of blossoms are is a sign the garden will yield plenty of tomatoes this year.

Happy Gardening!

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