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Happy Gardening!

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Herb Bed Progress

The herb bed is coming along nicely.  Most of the perennial herbs came up without a problem although I did lose the nasturtiums and rosemary.  The bed cleaned up quite nicely though.  I was quite pleased at how robust and healthy the perennial herbs looked!

herb bed
To the top right there is sage and chives in bloom.  To the top left are two patches of lavender and to the left middle there is summer savory.  To the bottom are two patches of oregano that clearly have not read the square foot gardening manual.  Between the oregano patches is thyme.  I planted thai basil, lemon basil and purple basil as well a chamomile. 

As you can see there are still plenty of open spaces available for planting but there are still more herbs to go in.  I used one square for a cucumber plant that will be grown vertically using the wire support.  Last year this bed served as an overflow bed for the extra plants that grow well with herbs.  This year it will be mainly herbs.

If you have been following this blog you will know we have our house up for sale with a conditional offer on another house.  However, the housing market appears to have softened so with each passing day it looks more and more like we might not be moves.  I'm planning on adding two new 4' x 4' raised beds shortly so the garden will change once again.  If we move I will have at least had the use of the new beds for one season and if we don't they will be ready for next year's garden.

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome


  1. Chives look fantastic when they're in flower. :-)

    We have chives, rosemary, lavender, mint and lemon balm.

  2. Hi John :) Be very careful of the mint and lemon balm (a member of the mint family). Both can be very invasive if not contained.


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