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Monday, May 03, 2010

How to Plant Strawberries in a Raised Bed Garden

I grow strawberries in hanging and vertical containers as well as in raised beds.  We also have a few rogue strawberries growing on our property.  Planting strawberries is as easy as planting any other vegetable plant in your edible garden.  Here is a short video showing the technique.  Following the video are my comments on the video. 

In general I prefer to not use peat pots in my garden beds because they are not as eco-friendly as once thought.  Strawberries actually prefer to be a bit on the crowded side so when planting space them a bit closer together.  My last strawberry bed was 4' x 8' crammed one end to the other with strawberry plants and then overflowing onto the garden paths.  It started with 4 strawberry plants I brought from the last house then planted in that bed taking less than 2 years to fill the bed.  Strawberries are sun not shade loving plants but I still got a fairly decent yield in partially shaded conditions. 

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