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Happy Gardening!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vacation Home Gardening

My gosh, I was so excited when I got the news that the vacation home was finalized!  In terms of gardening it meant I would be learning how to garden in a totally different zone from our permanent home of Zone 6A.  When we arrived here to finally check out what we bought almost a month and a half after signing the final papers I was overwhelmed at the work involved.  It wasn't the work as in the house needed major work but more the work of shopping to stock the house.  Goodness, I hate shopping at the best of times so shopping to stock a house that was basically empty was just a bit too much for me.  So I'm on to learning all about gardening here.  We actually have a programmable watering system!

I know I won't be planting much in the way of fruits or vegetables although I do want an orange tree.  The gardens are planted to surround the house along the perimeter by about 2 feet with low maintenance shrubs and a larger garden to the front.  A couple of geckos flit in and about the garden with the smaller one getting into the lanai.  We've been told that a gecko in the lanai is good luck and he [actually I think a she] is rather friendly so I don't mind.  A couple of gnomes have arrived to expand the Gnome Empire here.  I will be posting more about my new gardens along with pictures shortly.

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome


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