Neighbours talking over the garden gate has long been a tradition. They share gardening tips, complain about the weather and pests yet are ever eager to discuss their gardens. That is what I had in mind when creating this blog. So stop by my garden gate to find out the latest happenings in my garden.

Happy Gardening!

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Official - We're Moving

It is official. Our house is currently listed privately for sale and we have purchased another house conditional on the sale of this house. The downside to this is I was still in the process of re-establishing and expanding raised gardening beds here. So that work will not see completion. On the plus side we will be moving if all goes well just in time to be right on schedule for planting this year's garden. I thought I would be upset leaving this garden behind but I've only been working on it not quite three years with last year being the first year of the raised beds so I'm not really attached to it.

I'm actually excited about the prospects of creating yet once again another gardening. With this move we will have the large garden at our permanent residence and a smaller garden at our vacation residence in an entirely different hardiness zone. So this is very exciting for me. I'm doing a bit of research so stay tuned to follow my newest gardening adventures.

Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome


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