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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Small Gardening Water Features

All gardens whether they are traditional row gardens, raised box, container or any combination thereof really need some type of water feature. Why? Water features attract beneficial pollinators, insect eating birds and bats. They extend your growing possibilities to beautiful aquatic plants, some of which are edible. They also add to the aesthetics of the garden. Water features do not need to be large or complicated at all.

small garden water featureWater Feature

Pictured is a very simple water feature I set up in my previous garden. It was planted with water hyacinths and duck weed. Water hyacinths are beautiful aquatic plants that bloom early in the morning with the bloom being spent by the evening so those working daylight hours may never see the plant in bloom. Duck weed is the smallest flowering plant. This small water feature that did have a very small bubble fountain in it would be extremely easy to set up on any patio.

The container is a simple 5 gallon plastic planter. On the bottom of each planter there is a drainage hole complete with plug. Leaving the plug in turns the planter into an easy, low maintenance water feature. Simply fill the container with water then let sit for 48 hours before adding any plants. A small aquarium pump provides just enough movement to keep the water from becoming stagnant. A couple of rosy red minnows will prevent any mosquito larvae problems and they are rather problem free eating any algae that accumulates in the planter. Pick up a couple of aquatic water plants to put in the planter and you are done. The planter will basically look after itself. Total cost should come in well under the $20 mark but it will really add great value to your small space garden!

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