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Friday, March 19, 2010

Urban Gardening

image courtesy of The Graphic Fairy

When most people think of gardens they think of a large plot with neatly arranged rows of fruits and vegetables perhaps with a fruit tree or two. This method is known as traditional row gardening and while still popular for those with extra space, it is going by the wayside for urban gardening where other methods are proving to be more productive. High intensity gardening (eg. square foot gardening) in smaller spaces that produce high yields is becoming a favourite with urban gardening. Quite often this method is combined with container gardening as well.

Urban gardening presents a somewhat more perplexing problem for those who want to grow some of their own vegetables but have no land to do so. Some landlords will not allow tenants to dig an actual garden bed and in other cases there simply is not ground to dig. In this case, enterprising gardeners can turn to container gardening. A surprising amount of produce can be grown in containers sitting on balconies and small porches or decks. Tomorrow's post will highlight a few tips for growing in containers on balconies.

Happy Gardening!

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