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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Signs of Spring in the Herb Bed

The herb bed is springing to life thanks to the beautiful sunny and warmer weather. I am excited to see good initial growth since the herb bed was put in just last year. The herbs will be transfered to pots for the move. I posted a picture of the thyme that is looking quite good a few days ago. A few days ago I noticed good growth in the oregano and chives.


Oregano is one of my favourite herbs. I use a fair amount of it fresh during the growing season and preserve enough to get me through to the next growing season. As with most herbs oregano tends to be rather problem free.

I've never had problems growing it. It is a rather low growing, sprawling plant. The sprawling nature gives the appearance it is invasive and while it does spread it is no where as invasive as members in the mint family. It behaves nicely in the garden as well as in containers.


Chives are just a wonderful herb. They are practically indestructible making them the ideal garden plant. Despite our cold winters I have had them survive over winter in a wooden planter without any protection, coming back just as strong the following year. Chives spread through the main clump and self seeding that will form additional clumps. In many ways this makes chives invasive in the garden. I grow chives in the raised herb bed as well as in containers.

Chives are ideal for filling in those small strips between sidewalk and the house. They perform nicely in containers even on a sunny windowsill. Chives also transplant nicely so growing a nice sized clump of chives is quite easy. This is another herb that is pretty much problem free. When the plant is in bloom it will attract beneficial pollinators as well as adding a splash of pretty pale purple to the garden. Chives is one of my must have plants in any garden!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. My chives are up also, Critter loved them, he calls them Sweet grass and love to pick and eat it right from the garden.

  2. Hi Auntie E :) Critter has good tastes! I'm heading over to your blog to see how your garden is growing.

  3. Hmm, your blog is coming up as 'does not exist' :(

  4. Upside Down Tomato Growing8:20 AM

    I love the spring! It is where you see flowers and plants blooming everywhere. My garden too looks good now. :)


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