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Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Edible Plants Planned for New Garden

As with any move I really start getting excited at the possibilities of growing new garden varieties. My first concern is planting asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries if those patches are not already in the new garden. I suspect they will be already established at the new garden simply because the previous owner is definitely a gardener! The whole back yard has gardens around the perimeter and there are even roses something I didn't have here. Here are a few new to me plants I want to grow at the new house:

  • silver birch - There is a improperly pruned blue spruce that I want to replace with silver birch that will allow more light into the house than the spruce during the winter months.
  • bright lights swiss chard - This is a pretty swiss chard with stem colours ranging from yellow, gold, pink, chrimson, orange, purple, white, green and white stripe.
  • Burpee's golden beet - I traditionally haven't had good luck with beets so will be trying a few varieties including this golden variety.
  • celeriac
  • rainbow carrots - This is a blend of purple, red, orange, yellow and white carrots each with a unique flavour and properties.
  • raspberries - Every house we've owned I have wanted to plant raspberries but never did so this time they are going in right after we move.
Happy Gardening!

Garden Gnome


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