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Friday, March 26, 2010

Popularity of Urban Edibles

In a recent post I discussed briefly urban gardening. Urban gardening and landscaping has always been a popular except now the focus is turning towards growing edible plants. Growing urban edibles is now becoming quite popular as folks realize they can grow a variety of flower, herbs and small vegetables in small urban spaces. Why is growing urban edibles becoming more popular?

The idea of growing urban edibles is not a new one. Anyone with growing space regardless how small were encouraged to plant Victory Gardens during WWI and WWII in an effort to support the war efforts by providing food for themselves. Planting a Victory Garden was viewed as a national duty. The recent recession combined with a growing concern for food quality and safety have many turning to growing whatever they can where they can whether or not they have even a small yard for a traditional garden. Urban growers are turning to utilizing patios, decks, balconies and anywhere else they can tuck pockets of small space gardening.

Urban growers don't need to sacrifice aesthetics either. Edible plants can be grown right along with non-edible plants as well as in planters, window boxes and hanging baskets. With a little creativity small patio or balcony gardens can bring a rich lushness creating a peaceful oasis in the midst of a city while those with larger yards can create a private outdoor room to enjoy while reaping the benefits of edible gardening:

  • tasty, inexpensive organic fruit and vegetables amid attractive plants
  • a better connection with the food you eat
  • reduced transportation costs for produce
  • connecting with nature
  • increased self-sufficiency
  • healthy exercise

Happy Gardening!

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