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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Watering Globe Update

I posted back in mid-May about the automatic watering globes I bought.  I thought these would be a nice water management tool especially for indoor use.  I've had a chance to use the watering globes for almost 2 months now so thought I would report back on my experience.   The watering globes are very easy to use.  You simply fill them then insert into the planter.  However I did find that the soil can sometimes block the spout preventing the proper release of water.

I think the jury is still out on the watering globes.  The pothos is loving it's watering globe!  The leaves are bright and shiny, looking very healthy and growing in leaps and bounds.  Speaking of bounds this plant likely does need to be repotted as I am sure it is root bound.  I took a few clippings to start more pots of pothos.  As a houseplant it is rather problem free thriving on neglect.  The watering globe has made a huge difference in this plant!  The calla lily even though it likes to be kept a bit on the damp side is another story.  Shortly after putting the watering globe in I noticed the soil developing signs of mold.  I replanted the the lilies thinking that the pot was too small.  I added the watering globe to the newly planted lilies and put them in the sunporch.  What I think is my problem with these lilies is they weren't getting enough sunlight on the lower level of the house.  The sunporch is on the upper level so there is a bit more natural light as well as better air circulation to help the soil dry between watering.  The watering globe does keep the calla lily watered but I'm wondering if it is just a bit too much for the current conditions. 

All in all I am rather pleased with the watering globes.  They will certainly help prevent plant loss for those times we are away for extended periods of time.  They will also help keep plants watered during the drying winter heating months.  I am planning on picking up a couple more for use with houseplants as needed.  I think they are well suited to tropic house plants that require a bit more waterings.

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