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Saturday, July 03, 2010

New Raised Beds (2)

Yesterday I posted about the new raised beds going in.  The beauty of raised beds is they are easier plant and maintain as well as being easier to protect against critters like rabbits.  If rabbits are a problem the bed is already raised by at least 8 - inches so simply adding low fencing meant as garden edging that is about a foot tall around the inside perimeter at the soil level is high enough to deter rabbits.  Even nicer is only those beds with plants the rabbits are attracted to need protecting. 

new raised beds orientation
The two new raise beds are oriented to the west of the two larger beds along the north side.   They follow the line of the old garden that we ripped out.  I do have an overall plan of what I want the finished garden to look like if we don't sell so I'm follow through with achieving that look.  In the early stages of constructing my garden that really consists of several smaller garden beds joined together via a series of paths, I leave the actual paths bare.  If weeds pop up they are scraped away with a hoe.  This gives me a chance to decide exactly what type of cover I want for the path.  My last garden had gravel pathways and the one before that large wood chips.  This time I'm thinking of using cedar chips that will help keep some insects at bay.

new raised beds planted
Pictured are the two new raised beds planted.  The bed in the centre of the picture is planted with sweet banana peppers, California wonder peppers, Spanish onions and one North Star Pepper.  The furthest bed is planted with Beefsteak tomatoes, Jalapeno peppers, Cayenne peppers, Habanero peppers and one square of Spanish onions. 

The two new beds increased my raised bed growing space to 112 square feet, just slightly over the 100 square foot garden challenge.  It is surprising how much a 16 square foot garden bed can produce so the growing space I have while less than my previous garden is still quite productive.  I'll post more about the garden's progress over the growing and harvest season. 

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